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Lacking funding for a renovation?


Need to subsidize costs for

a new venue?


In an existing facility that is starting to crumble?


Contact GPS now


We will optimize

current seating options,

create first-class premium

inventory that doesn't yet exist,

and institute one-of-a-kind Hospitality Programs. 


Your patrons will become inadvertent reciprocal partners. You provide them with


They return the favor by knowing where the next family outing will be without contemplation. 


Whether you're a municipality, non-profit, corporation, LLC, touring act, sports-team or other entity in need of coporate partnerships, reach out risk-free to see if we if can 

generate revenue for you.

Our pay-for-performance model is designed to ensure R.O.I.

You will not find another company that "has your back"

and is willing to back it up.

We're keeping this section of this page short, as if you've spent this much time on our site,

you need to either email or call us.

Key Sponsorship and Naming Rights services we provide include:

-Naming Rights and Sponsorship Platform Development
-Market Research
-Asset identification
-Asset creation
-Premium Seating Sales
-Prospecting and Solicitation
-Development of Marketing Campaigns & Materials
-Capital Sourcing for startups
-Presentations and

-Fulfillment Coordination
-Contract Negotiation
-Renewal Management
-Streamlined hand-off to clients

We also provide an array of other services. Just ask,

and if we can't accommodate,

we'll get you pointed in the right direction without any obligations.


Other services include:

-VIP Event Coordination 
-Talent Acquisition / Recruitment
-World-class experiences for corporate partners
-Onsite Sales Training
-Athlete Endorsements


"VIP-Access" = No problem.


Funny how "VIP-Access" can turn out to be a beanbag for three in the corner of a dance floor.


If you've been burned by cliche 

"VIP" experiences,

take 30 seconds to send us a note.

Chances are... 

we will  meet and exceed

your expectations.

 Here's what we do promise:

If we can't fulfill exactly what you're looking for, we will exhaust every last resource and co-op partner in our disposal to see your experience come to fruition.

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